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Nations Trust Mortgage Company of South Florida

 18851 NE 29 Ave.,
Suite 700,
FL 33180


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Another South Florida unique product that allows for vacation or second home buyers to obtain financing on the most prestige's Condo-Hotel projects in South Florida. It allows you not like any other banks to borrow up to 70% of the purchase price or appraised value whichever is lower. It has no non-warrantable condos. This product applies to domestic buyers as well as to Foreigner and has no limitation in underwriting or qualifications. Please call us for details...
Loan Amount SFR Condo-Hotel Credit Score Reserves
$2,000,000 N/A 70% 680 12 - 24 Month
$2,500,000 N/A 65% 680 24 Month
$3,000,000 N/A 60% 680 24 Month
Property Type: Condo unit must meet minimal requirements. Must have the following:
  • 1 Bedroom or more
  • Full kitchen
  • Full size Refrigerator
  • At least 4 burner stove
Income Docs:
  • Two years W-2's, 1099, K-1, 1040 and 1065 or 1120 for Self - Employed with ownership 25% plus
  • Last two paystubs and Profit and Loss Statement for Self - Employed
  • Two Month Bank Statements, 401K, Stocks and Bonds ( All large deposits must be sourced )
  • Minimum 680.